A little throwback to counteract “Nicki Minaj’s dumb ass”. Great song, and props to dude who made the video. Dedication 2 definitely killed “Dedication 4”.


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This is featured on “Dedication 4”. I love how diverse Hip Hop is becoming. We have gays, foreigners, and so many ethnicities attatching their ears to our culture. I am not against Nicki Minaj being Republican. But I think it is brave of her to reveal her political affiliation. Seeing as the democratic party has ruled hip hop. Ask YMCMB CEO Lil’ Wayne, when he made “Georgia…. Bush”. However, Nicki if your going to tell us your a Republican get more into detail, elaborate STUPID HOE.


Z-Ro sounds so nice on this, check this out. It shows Houston, better yet Texas’ next star Kirko. While paying homage to Bun B, he goes last.

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Now Listening to #DaLeak

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Lil Keke’ could have came way harder on this. He sounded like an average Houston Texas rapper. He shows flashes of his old self but does not put it together on this mixtape. No wonder they left him out “I’m From Texas”. Shoot even Paul Wall managed to get on that joint.


I don’t really like this song, the concept at the beginning is cool. It just seems like a broke DJ Khaled song and video. 2 Chainz please take off that early 200’s sweat suit jacket smh. With leather pant? C’mon son!

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Expect Less Kanye, More Sean


Big Sean’s style actually stays the same. But he gets way more personal, more real. Big Sean creates a soundtrack that blue collar Detroit natives will love. He keeps it real, has a positive message and many flows. I love the new hip hop features from Kendrick Lamar, Wale, Wiz, and J.Cole. “Life Should Go On” is really impressive even though it is two songs. There’s not really a weak point in the album, Big Sean even manages singing a little bit. G.O.O.D. Music is definitely a force.

Is Kirko here to stay?


Kirko follows up his hits with a different side. Most of the songs on PK4 are real rap songs, meaning he is telling a story. He opens up. Primarily on “vent”, he lets us inside his life. Now Kirko is far from a lyricist but his laid back flow will guide you through his stories. There are not many club records, fast paced songs. I do like Z-Ro on here and ┬áthe French Montana joint “Walk on Green” though. Kirko left a lot off this mixtape for his album. I think Kirko has a shot for a dynamic album but he needs to link up with better producers. His melodies and hooks will provide him longevity. He slips a tad on this mixtape, but he’ll be back.